Bill Black...lots of memories

I met Bill in 1971, at what was then known as Southwest Texas State University, during the first bike boom as we called it. I was riding a 40lb Schwinn Varsity and he was cruising around on some high-end french road bike. Over the next three years I bought a better bike, or two, went to work as a bike mechanic for him at Pandemonium Bikes in San Marcos and learned to ride and race over the Texas hill country. Somewhere in there we both managed to graduate, Bill with a Master of Arts. As the years accumulated we each went our own way, but we always seemed to hook up and reconnect. If it hadn't been for Bill I wouldn't have bicycled England, motorcycled Canada and learned how to shoot a pistol. His intellect, intensity and bravery will be missed...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Early Years

Some of my best life experiences were with Bill, particularly the bicycle and motorcycle trips. This image is from a scanned negative, back when both my camera and my photography skills left a bit to be desired. You can see a few more here.